Weapons Safety Course


Anyone wishing to join and later obtain a firearms licence must complete a Weapons Safety Course.  The City of Brisbane Pistol Club hosts a Weapons Safety Courses on the 2nd Sunday of each month (except in December) The course is run independently by Ballistic Firearms. Contact Ballistic Firearms on 0497 799 526 or email info@ballisticfirearms.com.au to reserve your place at an upcoming course.

Note: There are a number of organisations conducting Weapons Safety Courses, but not all of them include the category H (pistol) component, please check to ensure that the course you are attending will cover all categories of firearms you are interested in. 

Prerequisites: When attending the range to do a Weapons Safety Course, you must have photo ID, no photo ID, no shooting.You will also need to have covered footwear and a shirt/top with sleeves, singlets, cammo or military style clothing is not acceptable on the range.