Your First Pistol

Choosing your first pistol is a decision you should make only after your fist 6 months with the club and you have tried several disciplines to see what you like or what suits you best.  Under Queensland law you may only purchase an Air pistol and a .22 or an Air pistol and a centrefire during your first 12 months as a licensed category H shooter. Effectively, if you are not going to compete in air pistol you need to select only one of either a .22 or a centrefire pistol or revolver.  It is wise to spend time observing and talking with experienced club members before you put a deposit down on your first handgun.  A good quality handgun is worth the extra money.  Usually you will be able to buy a good quality new handgun for between $1,200 and $2,000 and sometimes a bit less.  Factor in extra magazines, spotting scope (for ISSF matches) and a holster and mag pouches (for IPSC, Service & 1920).  For more about types of handguns click here