Types of Guns

An STI 9MM semi automatic suitable for Centrefire, Service and IPSC

During your initial training period we recommend you familiarize yourself with the different disciplines the club offers.  Observe matches, talk with members and generally get a feel for what disciple you’d like to concentrate on.  After you are licensed you will be able to apply for your first pistol.  However, during the first 12 months after obtaining your license you may only buy 1 air pistol and one .22 or centrefire (9mm, 38 etc).  12 months is a long time to wait if you make a bad decision so spend the time to try a few pistols out.  Our members are usually quite enthusiastic about the sport and will happily let you have a go with their  pistol.

a .22 pistol suitable for 25M Olympic/Commonwealth Games style matches

Pistol shooting is not an expensive sport, although some handguns can cost well over $3,000, most entry level guns start from around $1,000 and some really nice pistols are around $1,500 – $2,000

A .38/357 Magnum Revolver. Suitable for Service Match, Metallic Silhouette 


Air Pistol

A 9mm/38 Super pistol with a red dot sight.  Suitable for IPSC “Open” Division