New Procedures for Probationary Members

Probationary Members (New unlicensed members)
Feedback from New members over recent times and lack of licensed members willing to regularly help with New Member Shoots has prompted development of a new framework for new members on their journey to become licensed, active “Ordinary” members of the club.  Additionally, we have had an exponential growth in applications for membership over the past months and it has become necessary to make some improvements to procedures as follows:

  • Induction
    The practical component of Induction will no longer be shot as a match but will cover familiarization of some of the different handguns used at the club including .22 to centrefire pistols. Induction will focus on reinforcement of safety and the basics of stance, aiming etc.  No scores are collected and Induction does not count toward the 6 match requirement for license application.  Probationary members must satisfy the RO that they have understood the basics and those that have demonstrated safe handling will move forward in to scheduled matches.  Those that do not demonstrate safe practices or fail to understand the basics will be required to re-do the practical component of Induction.
  • New Member Matches
    Effective immediately the designated “New Member Matches” are no longer scheduled. It has become unsustainable to continue to offer dedicated New Member Shoots due to the number of new members and the lack of regular licensed members willing to assist. Regardless, most Probationary Members express a desire to explore specific disciplines right from the start and are sometimes disengaged during their probation where they have been mostly restricted to Air and .22 ISSF. It is predominantly during this “time in the wilderness” that we lose many new members who often feel disengaged and frustrated. In answer to this we are introducing a new training system that allows new members to be integrated into regular scheduled matches alongside Ordinary members. It will be expected that licensed members in each discipline will train and integrate new members into their discipline to ensure that these new people feel welcome and valued as members.
  • Probationary Member Training System
    On satisfactorily completing (passing) Induction the Probationary Member will be introduced, or introduce themselves, to the captain or RO at the discipline they are most interested in. It will be up to each discipline to come up with an effective training syllabus to familiarize and train the new member in their particular discipline and to guide them through their training so that eventually they may compete in their desired discipline at club scheduled matches alongside Ordinary members. Probationary members will have a handbook that includes a “Probationary Member Training Record” to document their progress.  The RO’s will sign off on their participation and, if necessary, record weaknesses where the member may have to do further work or coaching. Any serious safety breaches will be recorded on the Probationary Member Training Record and a Range Report will be completed by the RO.  Both documents can then be used by the club committee to decide on how the member moves beyond their Probation.


  1. Heath Pyatt says

    Looking to become a new member of the COBPC. The new procedure for probationary members on this website has prompted me to join your club.

    Currently I have completed safety course for Cat H and now waiting for QP515 to return. I will be in contact with your club soon. FYI Im interested in ISPC

    • cobpc says

      Hi Heath

      Many thanks for your interest in COBPC and I’m glad you have found our procedures for probationary members useful. Once you have your QP515 please email to make a time to come in and apply. We look forward to welcoming you to the club.

      Best regards Steve (Club Captain)

    • Ken Sinfield says

      Hi Russell,

      membership fees include use of ranges, targets, patches and range equipment. Firearms, ammunition, holsters and personal shooting equipment is not covered under the membership fees.


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