There are 5 Pistol Shooting disciplines under ISSF rules that are available to our members to participate in.

Standard Pistol

Requires a semi-automatic .22 calibre pistol to participate in the Match.

The course of the match consists of 3 different timed shooting stages and is shot at precision targets. 

  • 150sec. stage consists of 5 shots in 150seconds and is repeated 4 times totalling 20 shots. You may cal it a precision stage.
  • 20sec. stage have 5 shots fired in 20 seconds repeated 4 times totalling 20 shots and
  • 10sec. stage is again repeated 4 times totalling 20 shots, the whole match consist of 5 sighting and 60 match scoring shots.


Sport Pistol

The Sport Pistol Match also requires a semi-automatic .22 calibre pistol and is shot in two stages; Precision and Rapid Fire. 

  • Precision Stage consists of 6 series of 5 shots and each series takes 5 minutes to complete with a total of 30 shots fired.
  • Rapid Fire Stage is also a 6 series of 5 shots at a slightly different precision style of target which starts turned away from the shooter and then turns to face the shooter for only for 3 seconds.  One shot only is fired at each 3 second exposure.  The sequence repeats 4 more times (a total of 5 exposures). As you can imagine this is quite a challenging and enjoyable match.

Sport Pistol Match is divided to the Men, Woman, and Juniors categories so that each can compete against his/her own pears.

Centre Fire

The Centre Fire match is shot only by men and male juniors. It requires a centre fire semiautomatic pistol or revolver in .32 or .38 calibre. Its course of fire is identical to the Sport Pistol Match where 30 shots are fired at a Precision Target and 30 shots are fired at Rapid Fire target. Most shooters reload their own ammunition which, not only saves on cost, it provides great satisfaction when your own reloads work help to win a match.

Olympic Rapid Fire

As the name suggests the Olympic Rapid fire match is one of the matches included in the Olympic Games and also at the Commonwealth Games.It requires a .22 calibre semi-automatic pistol. The match is shot at in 2 stages at 3 different timing periods and uses Rapid Fire targets. This is a very challenging discipline and requires stamina and concentration.

There are three timing period is to

  • 5 shots at 5 targets within 8 seconds, this is then repeated twice totalling 10 shots.
  • 5 shots at 5 targets within 6 seconds twice for total of 10 shots.
  • 5 shots at 5 targets within 4 seconds also repeated twice for total of 10 shots.

The each stage consists of 30 shots and whole match combination is 60 shots.

Air Pistol

Air Pistol Match is shot indoors under artificial lighting at distance of 10 meters. This match is also shot at Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

It requires an air operated single shot pistol in .177 calibre (4.5mm) and the match is shot at scaled down precision targets. Most air pistols use pre-compressed air cylinders for their operation. The match consists of a total of 60 shots for men and 40 shots for women and Juniors. For shooters this match is most enjoyable since there is no noise or noticeable recoil. It is a great way to start off in pistol shooting as it teaches beginners good core shooting techniques that, when applied, help in other matches or disciplines. Experienced shooters can also use Air Pistol to improve skills.

Free Pistol

The Free Pistol Match is shot at distance of 50 meters, firing at precision pistol targets. This match is also shot at Olympic and Commonwealth Games. It requires a .22 calibre pistol or revolver but the pistol must use only a single shot at time. The whole match consists of 60 shots, usually a 10 shots per target fired in 15 minutes. This is then repeated 6 times for total 60 shots. Free Pistol match is a most demanding match and it will test your concentration and discipline to the limit but it most satisfying when shot well.