The Service Pistol Match is shot with centre fire pistols or revolvers in varying calibres ranging from .32 to .357. The most common handguns used are 9mm pistols and .38/.357 calibre revolvers.

The match is divided into two categories Service Match and Unrestricted Service Match.  In Service Match the shooter must start by drawing the pistol or revolver from a holster.  Ammunition must also pass a minimum power factor(weight of bullet combined with velocity). In the Unrestricted Service Match the pistol or revolver is held in the hand at 45 degrees  ready to fire once the targets are exposed. The ammunition can be downloaded to reduce recoil and does not need to pass power factor.

Service Pistol is an event where targets are engaged at different distances from 50 yards to 7 yards.  Competitors fire groups of 6 shots where the targets will face them for a given amount of time from 4 positions (prone, sitting, right side barricade and left side barricade).  This is a very enjoyable match where speed and precision shooting is combined to challenge your shooting skill.


Service Pistol requires accuracy and speed and is commonly shot using revolvers and semi auto pistols in 9MM or .38 calibres.





Service targets being scored